Kaupapa:   Te Heke Ora is about improving the health and well-being of our whānau whilst recognising the 1000+km journey that tūpuna of Ngāti Rārua and Te Ātiawa had made from Kāwhia and Taranaki to eventually settle in the homelands of Mōtueka – Whakarewa 

Distances:  Can be confirmed via MapMyRun appfitbit or by taking a photo of your pedometer.                                                                          

Post up:  On the Facebook page a korero or photos about your distance and journey once a week i.e. completed 30km this week which will be added to your team total. 

Helpful Tool:   Download the MapMyRun App and join the Te Heke Ora Challenge”  

Logistics:   Registrations are accessed via email tewhanake@nrait.co.nz ,  Facebook or through our website  


1. You need two or more participants to form a whānau or group team (no individuals) 

2.  NRAIT registered members must form the bulk of the team  


Individual details

Team details