Climbing high

Ramsey Glasgow

Wanting to be outdoors doing physical work and dealing with something different every day is what initially attracted Ramsey to being in the trades, and today Ramsey can attest to four years of on-the-ground experience as a scaffolder in Taranaki.

While he’s been involved in the scaffolding industry for a few years already, this year is the first year scaffolding apprenticeships are available to trainees. Prior to this, the only requirement was that you had completed the required scaffolder’s course.

The apprenticeship allows participants to get involved and learn on the job while earning a qualification. Ramsey is currently an apprentice at his family’s business, Glasgow Scaffolding & Rigging in Taranaki.

Through the apprenticeship, Ramsey can continue working, which provides for further learning in itself, while also working towards a New Zealand Certificate in Scaffolding (Trade) Level 4.

Ramsey’s overall goal in his scaffolding career is to further his studies and gain a New Zealand Certificate in Scaffolding (Level 5) (Advanced), which will recognise him as a supervisory scaffolder. Someone with this level of qualification is able to manage advanced components and apply scaffolding design principles in order to design, plan, erect and dismantle structures, including suspended scaffolding structures. It’s an important job that many of us may take for granted.

As a registered owner of the Ngāti Rārua Ātiawa Iwi Trust, Ramsey applied for funding towards his certification through our education funding programme under the category ‘Education Grants.’ These grants are for any registered owner wanting to complete a certificate, diploma, bachelor’s degree, trades training, te reo, or adult education.

Through the grant, Ramsey has been able to get underway and work towards his goal, which we know he’ll achieve, of receiving his level 4 trade certificate, without the larger constraints or barriers of having to pay back the full fees of the qualification.

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