Tailah Love

NRAIT grant recipient

Tailah Love

One of our young owners living the dream in USA.

The multi-talented sportsman has made the NZ under-18s baseball team to tour America, the NZ Junior Black Sox softball squad and the Marlborough Boys' College first XV rugby team.

Step two for Tailah will be to secure a baseball scholarship at an American university and then move into major league baseball. And step three will be back home to set up an academy that gives resources, mentoring and support for other young athletes to accomplish their dreams.

Tailah’s number one supporter and mentor has been his mum.

Tailah shot website2“Mum is my rock. She’s just brilliant at understanding what makes people work and helping them achieve their potential. The support she’s given us, the opportunities she creates and the barriers she overcomes – all on top of a fulltime job – is mind-blowing at times. I have two little brothers that I love very much and like her I just want to be a positive influence in their lives and help them achieve their dreams.” 

Tailah’s Mum made sure the boys were raised knowing te reo and their whakapapa, and she brought them home from Wellington to Te Tau Ihu.

“That’s been hugely positive. I miss my Wellington friends, but being back on my turangawaewae (Wairau Pa), living my dreams and being amongst my whanau, hapu and iwi – there’s just no better feeling.  There’s a little saying Mum and I made up and I use it with nearly everything I do: Dream it, live it, love it...”


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