Jozef Benge

2016 Supreme Scholarship Recipient

Jozef Benge

Jozef has been studying at Victoria University and is about to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Relations.

He undertook this degree to take a meaningful step in the direction of uncovering the roots of Aotearoa’s deeply ingrained social problems. From his teenage years Jozef has strongly believed these issues have been misrepresented in the media, and sees it as his responsibility to fight against colonialism and integration, to show our tamariki that we are stronger together and that we have a future as proud and dignified people.

To this end, Jozef plans on becoming a journalist, to share the inspirational stories of our whānau and to help change the misrepresentation of our tangata in the media. He wants to add a voice to the discussion that represents Māori and play a part in representing the disadvantaged in society and encourage more people to stand up and continue to fight for their mana.

Jozef names his grandmother Aunty Judi Billens as someone who has inspired him. He says she has been the driving force behind his interest in Māori culture, and kapa haka which had an influence on his music endeavours (Jozef is a member of the Wellington band Die Krabben).

Jozef has a vested interest in Te Tau Ihu as his home and the home of his whānau. He would love to work with NRAIT in the future and believes the skillsets he is building through his studies will benefit NRAIT and its owners.

NRAIT is proud of Jozef and wishes him well for his future.

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