Zayed Tarawara Studd

Education Grant Recipient

Zayed Tarawara Studd

Learning a trade vs a degree - read Zayed's story

Zayed started a plumbing apprenticeship with a plumbing and drain laying business in Upper Hutt this year. Beginning with a 3 month trial, he officially started his apprenticeship in June. He's been working Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm and studies for 2 hours each week.

Zayed is completing a course with Skills NZ, and aims to receive his plumbing and drain laying, and gasfitting certificates. The course consists of 12 block courses, and will take him 4-5 years to complete. Zayed has just started his first block this month.

Zayed enjoys the environment he works in, from being outdoors, to the people he works with. He's motivated to do a plumbing apprenticeship because he's not doing the same thing all of the time, as it changes from day to day.

The thought of a large student debt and not having a a job at the end of a degree didn't appeal to Zayed, which helped confirm his decision to study a trade rather than a degree. He also came to realise towards the end of high school, that he preferred to work with his hands; outside and on the tools rather than working inside.

Zayed feels he owes a lot to his father for the skills and the strong work ethic he has today. Growing up, Zayed was always outside helping his dad cut firewood or with other odd jobs. He was always there to help, and his dad taught him a lot of skills through building, working on cars and using hand and power tools.

His older brother who is a builder, was also very influential to Zayed. Earlier, he wanted to be a builder, so he would go to work with his brother once a week through his school's Gateway programme. This was a great opportunity to see what it was like working in a trade, which opened his eyes to trades like plumbing.

Zayed has some advice for those about to finish high school: 

"For those who are about to finish high school and aren't sure on what they want to do, have a look at the trades because they are really under rated I believe".

I would like to take the time to thank NRAIT and the owners for the education grant as I'm very grateful and will be putting it to good use.

Thanks, Zayed for sharing your story with us. Good luck for your first block course in November and your future studies.

Update - June 2018

Work is going really well for Zayed - he's enjoying it and his understanding of the work has increased.  He has completed two block courses which complement the practical learning he is doing.


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