Owner Benefits

If you're a registered owner, you're entitled to access our benefit programme. Find out what we have available, check the criteria and apply today.

Eke Panuku

Eke Panuku is your monthly panui. It's a place we can share your stories and the history of our lands and tupuna. We’ll also use it to let you know what’s going on and what’s coming up, download and read them today.

We welcome any feedback or items you would like to see in the panui, send your comments to ekepanuku@nrait.co.nz.

Te Whanake

Te Whanake is the social and cultural division of the Trust. Any updates, news or information on the social and cultural division is included here on our Te Whanake blog. 

Update your details

It's important for us to get your most up to date contact information so you can get the most out of being an owner of this Trust. We send the occassional item in the post, send communication via email and like to pick up the phone to catch up. Please use this form to update your details. 


We're collecting stories about our owners and the history of our tupuna and lands and placed them together here on this interactive timeline where you can move through the last 180 years.