Project Ipukarea

We scheduled three workshops to further develop the ideas you have given us from our recent survey regarding our 20 year vision.

It will be an opportunity for you to meet with some of your Board members and workshop these ideas and continue to have input into this process.

Click here to view a video taken at last week's workshop in Motueka.






Tuesday 18 August - 5.30pm

Te Awhina Marae, Pah Street, Motueka



Thursday 10 September - 5.30pm

Miramar Bowling Club, 33A Puriri Street, Miramar



Tuesday 15 September - 5.30pm

Nga Taiatea Wharekura, 134 Rotokauri Road, Baverstock, Hamilton 


Come and join us for a kai followed by the workshop.  We look forward to seeing you.

To register email us at or phone us on 03 548 0770.

Waitangi Tribunal Update - July

Posted by NRAIT on 31 July 2013

On 31 July your Trustees filed a submission on the Te Tau Ihu Claims Settlement Bill on behalf of Ngāti Rārua Ᾱtiawa Iwi Trust descendants asking that the Bill not be passed in its present form and that the Crown resume the settlement process for the mana whenua ki Motueka. Our reasons for pursuing this course of action are threefold:

  1. The Bill discriminates against and cuts across the legal rights of the mana whenua ki Motueka to resolve their claims with the Crown as they see fit.
  2. The Ngāti Rārua Atiawa Iwi Trust had no involvement in negotiation of the settlements outlined in the Bill, and we do not accept that it settles the historic grievances of NRAIT descendants.
  3. The iwi trusts who negotiated and agreed to settle their own claims had no mandate to settle the claims of our Trust.

It is deeply unfortunate that we have had to resort to this action but the issues involved are of immense concern and have a fundamental impact on NRAIT descendants, whose rights we are bound under our Empowering Act to protect. It is important to recognise that the return of the Whakarewa lands under that Act was a private settlement with the Anglican Church, not a Treaty of Waitangi settlement. This was acknowledged by the Waitangi Tribunal in its 2008 report on the Northern South Island Claims that stated that the Whakarewa lands were returning not to the beneficiaries of the tenths “…but to those iwi more connected to the particular lands (the resident iwi of Motueka). Nonetheless the fact that this land has finally been returned does not settle their Treaty claims either.”

We regret any discomfort this action may cause among NRAIT owners and we are committed as your Trustees to protecting your rights and endeavouring to resolve the issues to the very best of our ability.