Raising the level of education2

NRAIT were pleased to again offer our education funding programme in 2017, with a variety of grants and scholarships available for NRAIT registered owners. Our aim is to make education accessible for all owners and to prepare our children and young people to become employable adults with skills that will benefit them and society. So rather than just focusing on tertiary education, we also offered grants towards trades training, adult education, and study assistance for primary and secondary students, a new model we started last year.

As with last year, we had a focus with the scholarships on STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). STEM subjects are the future required skills and knowledge our whānau need to fulfil jobs, innovate and create new products and services. Aotearoa currently has a skill shortage in these subject areas. We were pleased to receive significantly more applications this year than previous.

We are pleased to announce our 2017 scholarship recipients.


The supreme scholarship is awarded to one recipient each year. It is open to any NRAIT registered owner, enrolled with a New Zealand tertiary institute or training provider. This scholarship is awarded to students who maintain a B+ average throughout their year of study.

Matua Jansen

Matua was our Supreme Scholarship winner this year, and is continuing his post graduate Masters in Business Administration at Auckland University. Matua is enjoying his studies and the sense of purpose and direction it provides towards his future. He is committed to contributing to the Trust in the future by using his background in medicine and his growing experience in administration and management.

Andrew Howard

Andrew is our 2017 Postgraduate Scholarship winner. He is currently enrolled in a Master’s of Science (Research) Program at the University of Waikato.  In the future Andrew aims to undertake a PhD.

Mariah Hori Te Pa

Mariah is one of four tertiary scholarship recipients. This award grants her a maximum contribution of $2,000 per annum to help her fund her studies. She is in her sixth and final year at Victoria University, studying Law, Māori and Anthropology and will be graduating in May next year. She is very motivated to finish her conjoint degree because of the support of her whānau back home. Mariah is passionate about serving the community and helping some of the most vulnerable people in our society, which she has been doing through volunteering while at university, and intends to keep doing this when she finishes her studies.

Benjamin Kaveney-Gibb

Ben is another recipient of a tertiary scholarship. He is currently a second-year medical student at Otago University in Dunedin. During his studies, he completed a clinical placement in a rest home, interacting with patients with diseases and disabilities. He has been exposed to many options the medical world has to offer, and is trying to keep as open minded as possible, but still sees himself strongly driven towards becoming a Māori GP with a keen focus on Māori health.

Eden Millan

Eden also received a tertiary scholarship, and is currently in her final semester of a Bachelor of Science majoring in Anatomy. She has always had a passion for health and the human body and is now studying what she loves and has an interest in. Eden has picked up two Māori papers this year which have helped her to understand her culture to a deeper level and she plans on continuing studying Māori.

Isabella Martell

Isabella is the final recipient of a tertiary scholarship for 2017. She is currently studying Health Sciences First Year at the University of Otago in Dunedin. Isabella has always had a keen interest in science so has enjoyed broadening her knowledge.  She plans on moving into medicine or medical laboratory science.


Our grant winners are all on the pathway to furthering their education. The grants applied for were across all areas of education, including sports & cultural grants, education grants to assist with fees, and study assist grants for primary and secondary school students wanting additional education support. Congratulations to the following recipients of our 2017 grants; Leanne Clayton, Hana Goodwin, Renee Hayes, Tui Henry, Rangi Kaveney, Waimaire Mana, Kaitlyn Moylan, Baylee Niwa, Hayel Niwa, Zayed Studd, Renee Thomas, Wainui Witika-Park, Kylie Wilson, Dante Matakatea, Kirsty Willison, Xanthe Banks, Haelyn Ngaia, Hunter Ngaia.

We are very proud of all our winners and wish them the best in their future studies and careers.