Te Wiki o te Reo Maori

Te Wiki o te Reo Māori (Māori Language Week) is an opportunity to celebrate and learn our unique language. It allows us to encourage others to learn and incorporate te reo into our everyday conversations – which helps us preserve the language and ensure it doesn’t get lost.

Running from 10 September to 16 September, this year’s theme is Kia Kaha te Reo Māori, which is all about keeping the Māori language strong.

“Strength for an endangered language comes from its status, people being aware of how to support revitalisation, people acquiring and using it and from the language having the right words and terms to be used well for any purpose."

How to get involved
There are many ways you can participate in Te Wiki o te Reo Māori, Te Taura Whiri I te Reo Māori (Māori Language Commission), have a range of posters and resources you can download and share on social media, or print out.

There are also a range of parades happening throughout the week – check out the Te Taura Whiri I te Reo Māori website for details of events near you.

A great way to get involved throughout the whole year is to take a look at Kupu, and register for their daily emails, which sends you a new Māori word to learn each day.

We encourage all NRAIT owners to get involved this Māori Language Week, whether that’s through encouraging others to learn te reo, sharing posters on social media or heading along to an event.


Ko taku reo taku ohooho, ko taku reo taku mapihi mauria
My language is my awakening, my language is the window to my soul